Women’s leadership program in Antarctica

I was selected to participate in the one-year long leadership program Homeward Bound which culminated in a 3-week expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. We are a network of women concerned about the climate emergency and convinced of the fundamental role that women are playing towards a sustainable planet. See this Nature paper that I co-signed together with 289 women to ask for a Marine Protected Area in the Antarctic Peninsula.

Together with a group of Spanish participants, we have created an association to push forward the climate and gender agenda and generate awareness in Spain (Ellas Lideran). See our OpEd about the role of Spain in the negotiations for a protected area in Antarctica.

I also directed the documentary Begin Again with Isaac Lupiáñez about Antarctica, but also about women, climate, maternity, and our duty to build a better future for the generations to come. See more information about the documentary.

See an amazing summary of the experience in Antarctica by Emma Kennedy (here ).

Public speaking (see some examples)

Invited to talk at the 30th anniversary of the Madrid Protocol (Antarctica: present and future) (youtube)

Taula Rodona “El repte del clima i la cultura de la sostenibilitat”  (Congrés Nacional d’Educació Ambiental)

El océano y la igualdad de género para un mundo sostenible (IX Feria de la Ciencia en la Calle de Jerez 2021)

Una Mirada a la Conferencia de Europa desde la ciudadanía (Panel organizado por eCivis)

“Relación entre Medio Ambiente y Género” (Fundación Biodiversidad, Youtube Panel)

“Conoce las andanzas científicas de Anna Cabré” (El cambio climático son los padres con Alberto Parada, Scenio TV)

“Apps online para aprender sobre la emergencia climática” (Mobile Week, Family Day)

“Presentación de la Alianza STEAM por el talento femenino” (Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional)

“Científicos contra el cambio climático” (Spanish) ( Science Truck, FECYT )

“Los océanos y la igualdad de género como vías para la sostenibilidad” (Spanish) ( Reset the Planet )

“Climate change, where does all the heat go?” ( Munich Soapbox )

Creation of scientific content for the general public

I’ve been always passionate about communicating my research and science. See some of my writeups.

Interviews: TV, radio, newspapers


Big picture educational resources: Our World in DataTed CountDownTed EarthSchoolNASA Climate KidsThe big history project.

Social networks with lots of information: Instagram @earthrise.studio, @intersectionalenvironmentalist, @savannahbooks_, @clubpequeactivista, @petits_oceanografs, Science Moms, Women for Climate, Teachers for future, Fridays for Future, WWF, GreenPeace

Media (following #climatecoveringnow): The Guardian, Climática, El Pais (Planeta Futuro)

Art: Zaria Forman, Olafur Eliasson, Stephen Wilkes, @climateillustrated, World listening project (Bernie Krause)

Movies: Our planet, A life on our planet, Kiss the Ground, 2040, My octopus teacher, Breaking Boundaries (Netflix), the Breakdown (waterbear.com)

Apps: Earth Hero, Too good to go, Go zero waste, Good fish guide, Residus, Ecosia search engine.